Height Keech is a rapper/beatmaker from Baltimore, Maryland. 

Height albums have been constantly changing since his self-titled debut was released in 2000. Bed Of Seeds is guitar-based garage rap. Height With Friends Versus Dynamic Sounds retraces the steps of The Cold Crush Brothers and The Fantastic Five. Mind Moves The Mountain merged minimal raps with post-punk beats. The Height catalog is ever-changing, but is intended to stand as one body of work.

Height albums have been released on labels like Friends, Wham City, Illuminated Paths, and his own label, Cold Rhymes. Height has collaborated with Wye Oak, Tobacco, Cex, CX Kidtronik and Grand Buffet.

Height’s been on a perpetual tour since Bill Clinton was the prez, crossing the country countless times and journeying out to faraway places like London and Moscow. While most Height tours are DIY affairs, Height’s done national tours with Dan Deacon and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, and joined Future Islands, Beach House and Jana Hunter on the Baltimore Round Robin Tour.

Computer Rocker, his 12th full length, comes out on Cold Rhymes Records on 4.30. The new record features his long-time collaborator Mister, of Detroit’s Passalacqua. Mister and Height are currently embarking on a three month US/Canada tour.