PUNK ROCK RAP - 1999 / by Dan Keech

Wounds was not dialed in to what was going on in Baltimore hip-hop at the time. Our oldest member, (Chris Freeland) was a big part of the Baltimore indie / punk scene, so we mostly played indie rock shows in basements, warehouses and clubs. Baltimore bands like Charm City Suicides and Invert took us in as one of their own.

Rappers at the punk show wasn’t an established archetype at the time. It seemed clear that we couldn’t just stand there and rap for people who may not even like rap. We were all skilled MC’s, but the main focus of our live show was to get wild and outpunk the punks. We would do whatever we could to break the ice. If we could get naked and climb on speakers and still rock the mic right, we would consider that to be a tight set. Our shows could be either a rowdy party or an absurd confrontation.