WOUNDS MAKES MOVES 1999-2000 / by Dan Keech

We released two cassette EP’s and a self-titled album. When we finished our full-length, I knew we had something real. We had tried our hand at all kinds of music since we were tiny kids, but suddenly rap was the only reality. I felt like we were MC’s and that proving ourselves to the world as MC’s was the only thing that mattered.

We played in DC, Pittsburgh and NYC, all while in high school. I spent much of senior year booking a short tour for us. A week after graduating, we hit the road. Going from math class one week to a rap tour with my best friends the next week was a happy moment.

The tour highlights were playing with Grand Buffet in Pittsburgh, and rocking for a packed, hyped-up Brooklyn crowd. The other shows felt pretty bleak and ridiculous, but I was amped just to be in the mix.